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  • 类别:视频教程 

  • 对应软件:SolidWorks 2018

  • 界面语言:英文 

  • 讲解语言:有 英文讲解 

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  • 教程大小:405.6 MB

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这套教程/资料是SolidWorks 2018 视频教程 。软件界面语言为英文 ,有英文讲解 。有实例文件。教程/资料大小为405.6 MB左右。
几千年来,模具已被用于塑造原材料,如粘土和金属艺术品、珠宝等。使用现代塑料,软件和制造技术,可以铸造几乎任何物体。本套培训课程中主要学习在Solidworks中进行模具设计,适用于从一次性原型制作到批量生产各种产品的所有工作。 学习3D打印和数控机床获得可重复,高质量结果的最佳实践。作者在视频中还概述了可用于家庭和工业规模成型和铸造的材料,并帮助你了解哪种生产方法适合你的生产规模。


For thousands of years, molds have been used to form raw materials like clay and metal into art, jewelry, and tools. With modern plastics, software, and manufacturing technologies, it's possible to cast almost any object from a mold. This course is an introduction to mold design in SOLIDWORKS, for everything from one-off prototyping to mass-manufacture of a variety of products. Learn best practices for getting repeatable, high-quality results with 3D printing and CNC machines. Design consultant and instructor Tam Black also provides an overview of the materials available for at-home and industrial-scale molding and casting, and helps you understand which production method is suitable for your scale of manufacture.


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