After Effects粒子插件Particular3基础操作课程

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这套教程/资料是其他 未知 视频教程 。软件界面语言为英文 ,有英文讲解 。有实例文件。教程/资料大小为562.7 MB左右。
红巨星粒子插件Red Giant Trapcode Specific是行业标准的粒子生成器,是Adobe After Effects中最重要的插件之一。在本套培训课程中,我们将与作者一起通过Particular 3来为After Effects加快工作速度。首先,作者展示了如何创建一个基本的发射器和粒子系统。 然后会选择不同类型的发射器和粒子属性;分享如何创建自定义粒子;着眼于灯光和照相机如何与粒子系统集成;并解释了如何使用多个系统构建复杂的粒子;在为Particular 3工作打下坚实基础之后,我们还会进入一些短期项目,展示如何利用时间因子来制止时间,从其他粒子创建二次粒子系统,创建轻条纹等等。

After Effects粒子插件Particular3基础操作课程时长2小时48分钟,中级培训水平,1280X720视频分辨率,After Effects及粒子插件界面均为英文,配套的学习实例和英文字幕文件均包括在内。

Red Giant Trapcode Particular—an industry-standard particle generator—is one of the most important plugins for Adobe After Effects. In this course, join Ian Robinson as he helps you get up to speed with using Particular 3 for After Effects. To begin, Ian shows how to create a basic emitter and particle system. He then examines different kinds of emitters and particle attributes; shares how to create custom particles; looks at how lights and cameras are integrated with particle systems; and explains how to build complex particles using multiple systems. After building a solid foundation for working in Particular 3, he dives into some short projects, showing how to stop time with Time Factor, create secondary particle systems from other particles, create light streaks, and more.


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