Siemens PLM UG NX 9.0.0 多国语言版种子文件和安装教程

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Siemens PLM UG NX 9.0 的许可工具适用于UG 6.0-9.0之间的所有版本。安装包内同时含有英文帮助。9.0版本只有64位的啦,不再支持windows xp和windows 7 32位操作系统。种子文件:


Siemens PLM UG NX 9.0  功能更新说明:

In the design environment we have invested in all aspects of modeling including significant enhancements to feature modeling, freeform modeling, and synchronous technology. Significant enhancements were also made to core functionality such as visualization and user interaction.

We have concentrated on improvements to your core workflows. Sketching has been improved by adding the power of Synchronous Technology to 2D Sketching. Now when you need to adapt sketches, you can more easily understand and apply constraints to ensure the changes meet your needs. Synchronous technology 2D removes the need to pre-create constraints to get logical changes, automatically recognizing relationships such as tangency, and using similar approaches to 3D conditions such as symmetry, parallelism. Using synchronous technology in 2D with commands such as Move, Delete, and Resize simplifies modifying sketch geometry.

Synchronous technology 2D also makes editing 2D drawings and imported profiles such as DXF quick and easy. This saves you time and money and increases your ability to reuse legacy data.

With NX 9 we have included a number of key projects that enhance performance. NX 9 utilizes your computer hardware to multi-thread display regeneration after an update, and also lets you modularize your design for faster update. For users with large feature trees containing many operations, Part Modules has been enhanced to allow you to easily structure your feature tree into manageable portions, allowing you to be in control of exactly what is updated and when.

Other enhancements to feature modeling include:

- A new Rib function that reduces the steps taken to create stiffening features in models by up to five times.
- New analyze and blend pocket capabilities that create the true blended shape based on manufacturing criteria such as tooling
- New corner blend tools to smooth transitions between blends in components such as castings.

In addition to introducing Synchronous Technology in 2D we continue to enhance the 3D capabilities giving you the ability to make changes to edges as well as faces. Moving an edge of a face will cause the relating faces to adapt to the new geometry.

For users who develop complex freeform geometry, NX 9.0.1 will introduce Realize Shape, a new approach to creating highly stylized models.

- Realize Shape uses the latest Sub-Division modeling approaches to generate complex shapes.
- Output is a NURBS body, fully integrated with the NX model.

To improve your ability to visualize your designs, NX 9 introduces new Real Time Ray Tracing capabilities. By taking advantage of multi-core and accelerated graphics processors, Ray Traced Studio can display realistic lighting and inter-part reflections to help you make design decisions earlier.

Numerous enhancements have been made to Sheet Metal design workflows including added functionality and configuration control of flat pattern views that will reduce drawing creation time and improve consistency of the information sent to manufacturing.


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学习中、我是初学者 一起加油!!!!

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学习中、我是初学者 一起加油!!!!

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